Engagement Makes Social Media Meaningful?

Is engagement a strategy? A tactic? A technique? Where does it play in social media?  You can’t eat it or pay your rent with engagement, but in social media, you must have engagement at some level to accomplish the more meaningful business outcomes you seek. The goal isn't to ‘engage, the goal is to improve your company via engagement.  

Engagement is a big deal.  We strive to have people buy our products. We work to earn and keep the customers’ loyalty. And we depend on instilling the kind of passion that inspires customers to spread the love.  If it can all be summed up in a word, the word is engagement.  

What is engagement? It’s an emotional connection. The intensity of the emotion is equal to the connection to your brand. Face it, they may be few, but there are some brands you really love. So, we get emotionally involved and you know how that goes. 

  • We’re fickle.
  • We expect rewards.
  • The bad stuff tends to outweigh the good.
  • We all have different needs.
  • When we have an itch, we want it scratched—now.
  • The flame requires constant fuel.

Do your best to understand all the elements of engagement.  Here are some of the motivators that drive people to engage:

Access—Ease and convenience influences choices.

Aesthetics—Good looks are appealing.

Association—Comfort and familiarity feels right.

Belonging—Social creatures want to fit in.

Desire—Satisfy desires.

Empathy—A reason to care is a powerful form of engagement.

Enhancement—Appeal to self-improvement needs.

Escape—Help transport people away from the reality of here and now.

Experience—Connect with fond memories or steer people away from bad ones.

Following—Join the crowd.

Integrity—Be honest, consistent and reliable.

Intrigue—Use tactics that spark curiosity such as ambiguity and suspense.

Involvement—Engage people by asking for their time, effort and energy.

Meaning—Help people satisfy their quests for purpose.

Newness—Capture attention with originality and innovation.

Pleasure—Offer the sensory experiences people crave.

Respect—Achievement and recognition is a powerful magnet.