Importance of Hotel Branding

Hotel branding is an important aspect in the hospitality business especially in terms of generating revenues. It is a process that helps a product stand apart from others that have similar physical features. In the world of competition, different companies of the same product/service try to lure the same audience you are luring. The only thing that sets you apart is the branding you have done for your business. 

When a consumer buys a product or service, his subconscious mind sends impulses according to what is right for him. This includes the price, quality, and the experience in using the brand. In reality their choices depends on names and images associated on its presentation and testimonials of people who are known to it.  Subconsciously, you are making an impact to your consumer, whenever a decision to buy is made. Customer recall is such an important factor to keep your product/service rank first to your consumers’ minds. As the reputation of the brand goes higher, it adds value to the company. That’s why consumers trust to buy newly released product based on their well-known and established brand names.

In the hospitality industry, it takes time to win the trust of your target market unless your business is under the umbrella of a well-established name. As you gain trust from your target market, brand loyalty will follow. This will include loyal customers and sales promotion for your hotel. However, a good reputation is defeated if the quality of service does not equal the promise of your brand standard.

So how do you entice customers to stay in your hotel? 


1.    Make a target plan for your prospect customers and segment them according to their objectives and perception advantages.

2.    Position your brand to customer’s subconscious mind with product information so they remember what you offer.

3.    Implement the 5P’s in marketing. People, Price, Product, Place, and Promotion should be in harmony with each other. Failing to do so will decrease brand perception.

 As you improve marketing methods, you’ll gain more customers along the way. Remember that branding needs special care and time to make it work. Be consistent with your quality and your brand will stand out of the crowd.