Architectural Photography


Architectural Photography

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Created from exterior or interior views of buildings, architectural photography takes advantage of available daylight, or if performed at night, uses ambient light from adjacent street lights, landscape lights, exterior building lights, moonlight and even twilight present in the sky.  Interior architectural photography can also be performed with ambient light transmitted through windows and skylights, as well as interior lighting fixtures. Frequently though, ToriStar uses supplemental lighting to improve the illumination within a building.


  • Resort / Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • Residential

On location or on-site photography requires travel to your location. Travel expense may vary based on distance to location. 

Additional Fees may include:

  • Travel expense, airfare, gas, meals or lodging.
  • Tech scout days
  • Equipment rental
  • Production & retouching hours
  • Staging or live local casting
Per Day:
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All of our images are delivered as high resolution 300 DPI jpeg files, perfect for use in print or on the web. Our image server  also resizes images on-demand so you don’t have to.  Each photograph goes through careful retouching prior to final delivery. We examine and adjust color and brightness levels to ensure the proper tone and vibrant exposure. Noticeable dust, lint, or scratches that may remain are expertly removed.